Fruit Truffles for Easter

Lately we’ve been featuring lots of truffles at the Sweet Silk Shop.  It all started back during the Christmas holiday sale to our aphrodisiac fruit truffles for Valentines Day and then just recently featured our latest Coconut Cashew Truffles in collaboration with Nuts+Nuts.  So for Easter, it was without a doubt that truffles were  going to be the feature again!

This time, inspired by spring, I wanted these truffles to be bright in flavor and color…so I decided to feature all fruit filled truffles for our limited edition Easter Gift Boxes.

I always get a little excited to see all the pretty pastel displays and decor as Easter approaches. I especially love the gorgeous bonnets that women wear to church with those huge bows! Its not just the fluffy, puffy and gooey (like those Cadbury eggs) during this time of year that always makes me feel happy and even a little giddy. It is also the evident blossoming  change of seasons and watching the earth spring to life.  So to pass on a little of my Easter happiness to you all, I rolled each truffle in delicate pastel sugars and encased all of them in an eco-friendly ballotin candy box and tied it with a big jute ribbon.  I also thought it would be great to offer sweets that were still vegan friendly &  gluten-free so that everyone can enjoy a yummy Easter treat!

I also think the unseasonable early warm weather got me a little extra happy, so everyone gets free shipping for all Fruit Truffle Gift Box orders to anywhere in Continental US! So visit our online shop to place your order soon as sale ends April 2nd!


A Vegan Start to the New Year

Happy New Year!

We started off the new year with a different kind of celebration! Our party was to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the kitchen space, The Entrepreneur’s Space, officially becoming an incubator funded by the Queen’s Economic Development Corporation. Along with many of our fellow chefs, bakers, entrepreneurs, we had the chance to really showcase our delicious creations.  We were all on hand chatting with press, vendors and local foodies all whilst stuffing our face at the same time. Some of our sweet favorites were Lomaxine’s Orange Pistachio shortbread style cookies, Krumville’s gluten-free muffins!

Sweet Silk used this opportunity to introduce our latest collection, the Vegan Fruit Collection.  This collection is made using all natural ingredients that contain no dairy products, no eggs, no preservatives or additives, no sugar and they are all gluten-free like all of our sweets.  We’ve taken luscious organic dried fruits, such as dates, apricots and figs, and simply enhanced its own natural sweetness with hints of spices, vanilla, rose oil or touch of honey and added a bit of crunch with tiny pieces of pistachios, cashews or pine nuts. These dried fruits have been a staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean diets for centuries.  It is no wonder why, as they retain all the beneficial nutrients of the fruit and are great source of magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, manganese, fiber and vitamin A & K.

Whether you are a vegan, watching your sugar intake or just looking for a low fat way to crave that sweet tooth…go ahead and indulge…these sweets are guilt free and good for you!