Celebrating women…Celebrating Moms

I am so excited to introduce our latest exclusive gift just in time for Mother’s Day; A “Sweets  & Chai” Gift set.


The inspiration behind this gift set started back in early March, on Women’s Day.  It’s a day that started out to celebrate women’s equality and has evolved into a celebration of achievements by women from around the world. I read stories online about the many womens’ accomplishments and how many of their success was due to support and collaboration of other women. This sparked an idea, “Why not work together with other women who own small business to help each other and build awareness of our companies.”

I was just starting to develop plans for upcoming sales and as discussion came up about Mother’s Day, I thought it would be a great avenue to explore my idea to collaborate with other women.  I wanted to create something that not only would work well as gift set but that had a good synergy of our missions and design style for a cohesive gift.

mothers_12pc_giftset Sweets & Chai Gift Set

My first thought was what would complement our sweets and something a mother would enjoy. Immediately I thought of teas.  Lucky for me, I happen to hear about a fairly new tea company called Chai Diaries through the South Asian Young Women Entrepreneur organization. Upon meeting the owner, Ami Bhansali and hearing her story and mission behind her company, I felt instant connection.  So of course I was excited when she loved my idea and agreed to collaborate on the Mother’s Day gift.

She shared with me how she grew up around tea estates and ended up, after her own personal journey, found herself following in her father’s footsteps working with tea.  She believes in sincerity and sells only her own personal selection of directly sourced blended teas and herbs.  She also believes a nice cup of tea can evoke sincere emotions, help you enjoy a pause an even help feel reborn.


I sampled many of her teas and then began pairing them with different sweets. When I discovered that so many of her teas were a great complement to our sweets, I didn’t know how to narrow down to few selections for our gift set.  Since I know most people will ask me, I found my favorite to be the Classic Breakfast due its subtle hints of spice, a little nutty undertone and smooth finish.  However, I loved all the other teas as well and this coming from a die-hard coffee drinker!

mothers_giftset_card Mother’s Day Card created by Aayan Creations exclusively for Sweet Silk

I know that no gift is truly complete without a card to give it that personal touch.  I had been already working with Shruti Sharma from Aayan Creations on creating cards for Sweet Silk, so it was a no brainer to have her create an exclusive gift card for our Mother’s Day gift set.  I love how all of her invitations are unique with attention to so much detail. What initially drew me to her is how she, like me, started off in a completely different field but decided to pursue her passion. She incorporates South-Asian cultures and traditions into her designs and create unique and innovative concepts based on the personality and desires of each of her clients. I especially love the intricate vintage Indian sari patterns that she envelopes in an elegant and modern way. However, what I find most  inspiring (and why I felt she was another perfect collaboration), is that she not only is a women entrepreneur but a mother of a 6-year old boy (the namesake of her company).

aayancreationsinvites Aayan Creation Invitation

I am so excited to present and share these artisanal products from three women who reinvented themselves to create and share their passion with others.  This is not just another gift set or sales campaign. This gift lovingly made by each one of us for our true inspiration, backbone and the ultimate unsung hero……Mom.



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