A Sweet Raksha Bandhan Message

This time of year is very special to me for many reasons and so I find it fitting that I chose this moment to write our first true blog post. First, we are approaching the anniversary of when our Signature Collection of sweets were first introduced to the general public. The launch event which held at Shaadi Studio in NYC and we received great energy and feedback that made me really appreciate how far we had come and was aspired to take it to the next level. Secondly, this event took place around the Raksha Bandhan holiday, which celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. Coincidentally, Sweet Silk (since we first started up to this day) is a result of the amazing partnership between two sisters and a brother. Collectively, we all contribute and make Sweet Silk what it is today with our talents, hard work, dedication and passion to provide only the best to our consumers. We’ve accomplished a lot in the past year and proud of how we’ve grown not just as a company but as creators, individuals, partners and as a family. So, why not share with you all what we are all about.

Sweet Silk Launch Event
Team Sweet Silk our launch event (from left to right: Nimesh, Shefalee and Sheila Patel)

Initially I started writing about how Sweet Silk even came about and what led me to start a confectionery and team up with my siblings. However, I think I will save that for a later day. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday and all that it embodies, I decided the first blog would actually be more of a dedication to my brother. For those who don’t know, my brother, Nimesh, is only a couple years younger than me. Even as kids we were always a good team from being partners in crime (getting into some kind of trouble with our elaborate imaginative games) or looking out for our younger sister, Sheila. So it is no surprise that we are now business partners because we not only work well together but seem to balance each other out.

So let me shed a little more light on how crucial he is to Sweet Silk. He was the first one to back up my idea at conception even though he knew nothing about the confectionery business (and I’m sure he thought I was crazy). He handles all the financial aspects of the business, which makes sense because he’s always been good with dealing with money. Even as a kid he would count money he got for his birthday or holidays, over and over again and keep a log of his savings!. He was instrumental in developing the branding of Sweet Silk along with my sister and he single-handedly designed our website and online shop and continues to manage it. He is the one who creates the newsletters and has even become the resident photographer. Aside from all the technical aspects, he is also always ready to step into the kitchen and help me any way he can with cutting or packaging our sweets. I can’t begin to tell you how many times he, along with my sister and mother, has been up late nights working on finishing a large order with me. All of this and much more while still maintaining his full time job as an engineer (and I thought I was a good at multitasking)!

More importantly he is an amazing brother. He is the kind of brother who will take the heat for you because he didn’t want to see you cry or will carry your burdens because he didn’t want you to suffer. He is the kind of brother who always knows how to make you laugh when you are feeling down and would protect you from anything/anyone that would bring you harm. He is the kind of brother who would drop everything without question or hesitation if ever asked for help. He is honestly (and this is not my biased opinion) the kindest, most loyal, dedicated, motivated, insightful man I know (and yes ladies he is good looking and single too!).

So I have to say (and I know I’m a sap because I’m tearing up just writing this), that I’ve been truly blessed to have a brother like him and Sweet Silk wouldn’t exist nor be where it is today without him. I love you Nim and I don’t think I will ever be able to thank you enough for everything you have done and continue you do for me. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished and the man you have become. You are definitely my inspiration and I strive to be more like you every day.

Raksha Bandhan
Raksha Bandhan 1988-Tying rakhi on my brother is a tradition we still continue in our family.

So make sure this Raksha Bandhan you take the time out of your busy schedule to truly express to your brother, cousin, brother-in-law, or friend that you hold dear just how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you and how much you care…they deserve it.

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  1. a very beautiful blog and what an occasion to pick for your first blog.while reading your blog shef ,lots of tears,reminds me to appreciate my brothers.