Brotherly Love

The full moon of the Hindu month of Shraavana is approaching and will undoubtedly shine to remind us the importance of the timeless bond between brothers and sisters. My sisters and I, and like most Indian families across the globe, celebrate this festive day, known as Rakshabandhan, with a promise to always embrace and share love for one another and to protect each other from harm’s way. The sanctity of this promise is traditionally exchanged when sisters tie a rakhi and feed their brothers sweets and the brothers provide a small gift and prayer.

I have been blessed with many sisters and sister-cousins in my family and every year I look forward to enjoying more time with them all. I have also been fortunate this year to spend a lot more with my big sis, Shef, as we work daily to expand Sweet Silk. She has always been a role model in my life and is the “glue” that keeps our family so close. She has the charisma, imagination and intelligence of a born leader and has always been successful in all her endeavors. She remains humble on her latest success and she continues to create new confections on the same premise as she started, “sweets should not only excite your palate but should try to capture the significance of love and traditions that we share with another.” I’m looking forward to excitement ahead and I know I’m truly blessed to be working alongside my best friend and sharing the same goal.

Tying of Rakhi Tradition of tying rakhi during Rakshabandhan

So, whether it may be sending sweets, tying a rakhi, a kind greeting or a phone call, I hope everyone expresses their love towards one another every day. For it can only help brighten dark times.

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