Autumn spice and everything nice…

To adjust to the quick drop in temperatures this past weekend here in NYC, I found myself pulling out sweatpants from the bottom of my drawer and having to throw on a scarf before I stepped outside. I didn’t think much of it aside from the fact that I don’t like being cold! However, throughout the weekend, I noticed that I was surrounded by signs everywhere I went of pumpkin spice lattes and apple caramel ciders. That’s when it finally hit me, it is officially Fall!!!!

I am always sad to say goodbye to summer (and what a great summer it was for Sweet Silk), but I was happily reminded this weekend that the Fall season does lend itself to unique nuances that make the brisk air a bit more tolerable! The warm waft of spices from bakeries and ripe pickings of many fruits and vegetables make this a very delicious season. Let’s not forget all the wonderful holidays jammed into the next few months from Navarati and Diwali to Thanksgiving, which are all celebrations that revolve around a splendor of food! Of course my favorites are all the luscious pies, pastries and sweets that embody the season.

This year I decided to share my fall experience with my consumers by releasing new varieties of sweets inspired by the season. So stay tuned as the first round of fall inspired sweets will be released soon and just in time for our upcoming Diwali Sale! (Hint: Roasted nuts and pumpkin pie!)

Also, we will be hosting tasting events throughout NJ and NYC where we will offer free bites of some of our new Seasonal and Signature flavors. So make sure you stay in touch via Facebook, Twitter or our signup on our mailing list to get insight on Sweet Silk happenings, special discount deals and chances to try our new flavors for free!